Exercise : Possessive Adjective and Pronoun

22 10 2014

 Circle the correct words in the brackets!
1. The pupils put down ( their, our, his ) pens and listened to the teacher.
2. The cat was black but(  its, their, her ) had was white.
3. “Hold up ( their, there, your ) books, boys,” the teacher said.
4. “Udin and Johan, are these bicycles ( his, theirs, yours ) ?
5. “It is not my puzzle. It is ( ours, hers, mine) .
6. The girls are showing Miss Bliss ( their, your, her ) notebooks.
7. We are holding up ( your, our, their ) hands.
8. A sheep loses ( our, its, their ) coat in the summer.
9. We wrote ( our, your, their )  names on the first page of the book.
10. The dogs had black coats but ( his, their, its ) ears were white.
11. The kittens were black but ( its, their, her ) tails were white.
12. The children took off ( his, her, their ) coats because it was hot.




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